About Slim Volume

There is nothing manufactured about Slim Volume. They’re true to their roots and true to their time; making fans from age 3 to 93. From open mics to “name in lights,” in 2023, Slim Volume emerged on the Southern New Hampshire music scene ready to thrive, but also poised to flourish and evolve. Opening for Michael McArthur and GoldenOak are just two of the highlights from Slim Volume’s rookie year.

Singer-songwriters Trent Larrabee and Jake DeSchuiteneer began collaborating around 2019. After playing in various groups and performing around New England for several years, Trent recruited Jake’s bass playing and vocal harmony to complete his 2021 solo indie-folk-rock album Billions of Musics. From there, the duo began performing regularly, playing more basements and bars. But soon enough they started writing songs together, mutually influenced by their love of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and other classic rockers, as well as modern greats like Wilco and Pavement. Out of this collaboration, Slim Volume was born.

Jake and Trent outside Strange Brew Tavern

Through 2022, Trent and Jake became regulars at the Strange Brew open mic night in their hometown of Manchester, paying their dues and mixing originals in with their covers. There they caught the attention of guitarist Mike Morgan, who would quickly join the mix, adding his tasteful flavor of retro-soul and blues-inspired lead guitar to the Slim Volume sound. Jonny Lawrence joined soon after, rounding out the quartet with his restrained and expressive drumming and percussion.

Slim Volume launched in earnest as a full band in January of 2023, releasing a string of singles through the early months of the year, and landing some prominent local gigs. In their inaugural year, Slim Volume played about 40 shows; everything from basements and bars to private events, radio spots, and local festivals. With their versatile sound, there is truly no room that Slim Volume cannot play to.

Slim Volume performing at the Market Days festival in Concord, NH

"I can't think of anyone in the area that quite sounds like you guys," says Matt Connarton on his radio show Matt Connarton Unleashed (93.5 WMNH). "There's a cohesion. The songs sound like the same band, but you can tell there's a mix of influences."

So far, the band has released 10 songs that stretch their “indie-folk rock” label to its limits—if you ask the band members, their music doesn’t have just one genre. Their songs call upon eclectic influences and feel familiar but wholly original.

The band has 2 EPs planned for 2024 release, and will begin recording their first full length album in the coming months. Prolific as they are, expect a lot more from Slim Volume in 2024 and beyond.

Slim Volume, 2/5/24

Jonny, Jake, Mike & Trent